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Welcome to Reliance


A myriad of national and international studies display that the hectic pace of modern life has adversely affected our physical as well as mental health. To withdraw such problems, we need to rely upon various kinds of treatments that can relieve physical as well as mental stress and enhance our productivity at the same time. Offering the people some effective and efficient medical formations to help patient combat different health issues(especially mental), RELIANCE has touched the lives affirmative.

The specialization of the company lies in the formulation of absolute psychotropic range of products, Ayurvedic and Herbal products as well as a variety of antibiotics, enzymes and vitamins.

For Reliance, reliability, quality and improvement are some of the core values that have bestowed it with global admiration and accolade. It always strives to develop an unequalled quality product portfolio for its customers across the world, while keeping abreast of the market trends.

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Newest Technologies

We are always using Newest Technologies for our product, with that we can deliver our best

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We always give our best Price

Taking Care of Nature

We always take care of Nature, because we belive Nature is Our Mother .                  

High Customer Satisfaction

We have higest Customer satisfaction ratio

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Our Recent Blog

Reliance Stands Strong Fighting Against COVID-19

As people around the world are facing critical situations caused thorough COVID- 19, Reliance is making sure to stand by them in each possible way.

Reliance considers their employee as a family member and taken utmost care to prevent them from COVID-19 by taking Corona Kavach Policy for each and every employee. Not just their employees, Reliance does also care about the Health and safety of every citizen in India.

In earlier phase of this pandemic, Reliance helped Government Employees of Fire Department by distributing medicine kits to boost up their immunity. After this second wave, Reliance is all set to send their essential medicines required curing Covid-19 in every part of India.

Extremely essential Doses like Azithromycin, Multivitamins and immunity boosters are being produced with a maximum quantity possible to serve their best to India at each stage of this battle. The company is once again proving that "Reliance is for Reliability"